Consultation Facilitation module

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Consultation Facilitation module

What would you like to see within a Skills Facilitation module for RD & AD courses, in terms of:

  • Content
  • Group processes and dynamics
  • Audio-visuals resources
  • Templates 
  • Evaluation
  • Self assessment
  • Follow up (virtual and face to face)
  • Practice  opportunities



I think that the practice opportunities are vital as it gives the facilitator the opportunity to work in a safe and secure environment with the new materials.


Hi Eileen,

Many thanks for your feedback, which I support 100%.  We will take this into account when delivering the module next October.


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In terms of complemntary facilitation skills :

It may be useful to also do some work around "listening" and "hearing". Faciltators need skills in "listening" as opposed to just "hearing." The latter is about your ears technically working fine but "listening" appreciates aspects of what is being aid that may lie underneath and be motivators for the persons words.

There is also the aspect of coaching as a facilitator. In other words ensuring they you use techniques that build the recipients confidence in their own skills, whereby they can turn to you for coaching, but do not see you as a crutch or font of all knowledge.

Have some materials that can assit here if you want to explore further.



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Some basic theory on group dynamics can be really helpful too! Thanks Cat!

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I agree with Guy's point about distinguishing between hearing and listening.

The other point I'd add to Robin's about group dynamics is about self-knowledge and ideally something like a 360 degree feedback or other means to get the facilitators sensitised to how they come across, their communications prerefences, working to integrate OTHER communucation or learning styles into their work etc. 




Thanks Robin for your input about theory on group dynamics. 

I can really see how the ORID / Focused Conversation Method of our organization ( could perfectly fit the bill, especially following the demonstration, practice and application session for it.  At the same time, within the practice the  listening skills raised by Guy and Valerie could be reinforced.




Thanks for pulling it all together Cat I think we have  a very well thought through product that now combines practical skills and theoretical approaches. I am confident the trainng will work well.