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Update from north Wales

Dear UK Trainers (and other European partners), 

I was at the UK Trainers meeting yesterday and it was great to hear what others are doing with the training across the UK. I thought I'd share a bit of an update on what I'm doing and plan to do over the next few months (not least because then it commits me to do it)!!

I finished at NUS at the end of last year and moved back to north Wales. I'm now co-Director of Solutions for the Planet which has nothing to do with Religious Diversity/Interfaith Dialogue but nonetheless still close to my heart, and means I'm constantly travelling round the UK as its based in Bradford and we're trying to expand it nationally. 

Alongside this I am trying to develop myself as a freelance trainer/facilitator so that I can continue doing the work I love delivering - RDAD training, Interfaith dialogue and multi-faith projects. As such I'm now a freelance training associate with the Three Faiths Forum  and still delivering the odd training session for the National Union of Students (NUS). In fact I'm delivering a session for them in November using the RGS module materials for a workshop of Faith & Sexuality, will share the evaluation with you all after 18th.

I'm also developing links in north Wales (and to a lesser extent the north west) to identify or create opportunities to deliver RDAD and RGS or some of my own interfaith dialogue training for educators, voluntary and public sector staff. 

If anyone is interested to know more or possibly co-deliver training then please get in touch. 

Look forward to hearing from you, all the best 

Kat Luckock

M: 07715415267


John Murray

 Thanks Kat, good to meet you and hear about you new work. Happy to support you whenever possible & willing to come & assist when possible.Good luck in your new ventures. John