After following a five-day core Belieforama training, participants have the option to become certified via an Internal Recognition Framework.

This framework supports trainers’ learning and practice within a commitment to quality delivery. They may be certified at Level 1 as a deliverer of quality awareness workshops, or they may be certified as a deliverer of the five-day ‘train-the-trainer’ programme.

There are numerous benefits to receiving a Belieforama certification:

  1. The Belieforama quality label in your own work which includes many years of transnational programme development, external evaluation results, and two prestigious first-prize awards
  2. Access to discussions on material and programme development
  3. You will be listed on the Belieforama website and promoted to your own potential clients
  4. You can receive new employment and professional development opportunities via the Belieforama Community of Practice

For more information on the Belieforama Internal Recognition Framework, contact stephanie.lecesne@ceji.org

Self Assessment Framework

For documentation on the 'Self-assessment Framework' process, visit Self-Assessment Handbook and Interactive Forms (you will need to log-in to visit this page).