Community of Practice

A cornerstone of Belieforama is its Community of Practice. This network supports individuals and organisations seeking to make a long term impact on religious diversity and belief issues through educational processes and materials that generate and inspire personal, organisational and social commitment, action and reflection.

The Belieforama Community of Practice is a connected group of practitioners who work and learn together about the topic of religion and belief diversity over an extended period of time. We operate on the basis of shared experience of the Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training programme, joint commitment to inclusive environments, spontaneous interaction and mutual development. The Belieforama community brings together professionals and activists who embody a wealth of knowledge and experience. An invaluable resource, it provides a forum where ideas are generated towards the common pursuit of solutions through training and sessions which can be conducted online or face to face. 

The Community of Practice is conceived as an integral element in the Quality Assurance Framework, another cornerstone of Belieforama.

'Excellent organisations generate increased value and levels of performance through continual and systematic innovation by harnessing the creativity of their stakeholders.'
EFQM Model 2010