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How to join the Community of Practice

Our membership is broad and includes people and organisations who support our ethos and purpose (see Commitment Statement). There are different spheres of membership depending on the level of involvement and function in relation to the core Religious Diversity and Anti Discrimination training programme. Membership status is fluid in that people and organizations can evolve in their role over time.

A. Users
The Community of Practice is comprised primarily of educators who have followed the five-day Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training programme, i.e. "users". By joining the community, they engage with other programme users, share adaptations, receive invitations to events and seminars and have access to revised training materials. Upon completion of the five-day training programme, users will be offered a one-year free membership in the Community of Practice.

B. Trainers
Privileged access is provided to users who attain certification as "trainers" or "advanced trainers", giving them access to new materials and the public promotion of their services.

C. Organisational Members (Partners, Associate Partners and Licensed Partners)
Many of the users, particularly those who are certified trainers, bring organisations with them into the Community of Practice. These users can choose to have an "organisational membership" based upon the fact of having users internal to their organisation.

  • Partner organisations are those that help to drive the Belieforama Community of Practice, set standards for quality assurance, take a lead in dissemination of the training programme and share responsibility in the overall management of the initiative (in particular the project as funded by the European Commission Grundtvig Programme).
  • Associate Partners are organisations who are institutionally and strategically committed to using the training programme within their organisational activities, maintaining communication with the Belieforama management, and supporting their internal users to participate in Belieforama events and the Community of Practice.  
  • Licensed Partners are those who have fulfilled a set of criteria and contractual obligations that allows them the "license" to organise five-day train-the-trainer seminars within their geographical and/or professional territory.

D. Participants
Ultimately, Belieforama and its associated training programmes, have the purpose of supporting personal, organisational and social change towards the creation of inclusive societies. Individuals who have followed a local training programme (at least two days) may wish to be part of a support network as they strive to address issues related to religion and belief diversity.

The Belieforama website provides a space where these participants can gain additional information and request support within the Community of Practice.