Quality Assurance Framework

The Belieforama ‘Quality Assurance Framework’ establishes a series of mechanisms to ensure that the objectives of the Belieforama Community of Practice and the Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training programme (and its thematic training modules) are realised to their fullest potential.

Specifically, the objectives of the Quality Assurance Framework are to

  • make a long-term positive impact on religion and belief diversity issues
  • provide educational processes and materials through co-creative collaboration
  • and to inspire and generate commitment, action, and reflection at personal, organisational and social levels.

This aspect of quality assurance ensures that we practice what we preach in every aspect of our work, i.e. through

  • Our Purpose
  • Our Processes
  • Our Programmes
  • Our Structure

Belieforma assures the quality of its programmes through processes which are participative in methodology and respectful of diversity. We are clear about expectations, accountable to our commitments, and our work is based upon the principle of mutuality among Community of Practice members.

One of the cornerstones of the Quality Assurance Framework is an Internal Recognition Process whereby trainers are certified as individuals who are exceptionally competent and committed to social impact through the delivery of high quality Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination training programmes. They are active members in the Communicty of Practice and adhere to the mechanisms contained in the Quality Assurance Framework, such as evaluation.