Pedagogical Approach

Designed in the spirit of anti-prejudice diversity education, the Belieforama training programmes take an innovative approach to topics that are traditionally confined to the realm of interfaith dialogue.

Well established research by psychologist Gordon Allport demonstrates that prejudice reduction can best be obtained by developing key skills in the prevention and unlearning of prejudiced and discriminatory behaviours: empathy, self-esteem, critical thinking, cooperative learning, high expectations, diverse environments, and social action.

Belieforama’s educational approach is panoramic in that it combines personal, interpersonal and social analysis in an integrated pedagogical process. Perspectives are exchanged across a variety of axes (identity, belief, sector, social positioning, etc.) towards a more complete view of current issues.

The methods are highly interactive and bring participants not only into better personal consciousness about the issues, but also encourage and support personal responsibility towards creating inclusive environments.