Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation

Any examination of the challenges faced by those living in religiously diverse societies shows that some of the most sensitive topics revolve around issues of gender and sexuality, i.e. the role of men and women, sexual and reproductive rights, and conflicts of rights (real or perceived) between religious rights and gay rights.

We need to find productive ways to transform the discourse around these issues, raise awareness of other perspectives and views, and find ways in which they can be reconciled so that all people can express their full identity with mutual respect for our rights and responsibilities.

'For the above reasons, we have created a new ‘Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation’ training programme to facilitate the reconciliation of religion, gender and sexuality. This new programme was run for the first time as a 'train-the-trainer' course in February 2012.

Download the ‘Reconciling Religion, Gender and Sexual Orientation’ leaflet (PDF)

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